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Top 10 Europe’s Cities For Architecture Lovers

Posted by on Jan 10, 2016

Get Ready

For all of you architecture lovers out there: get your bags packing and your noses out of those architectural books! Prepare to experience architecture from the first hand!Seeing these amazing and beautiful cities you will most certainly change your view of architecture once you have experienced it for yourself.

Berlin, Germany


The capital of Germany has had a rough historical past and it has left a mark on its architecture. The eclectic style of architecture in Berlin has mixed the flavors of Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany, East Germany all into one, and it’s not a bad mix at all.

Barcelona, Spain


AntoniGaudí has left a mark on architecture and entire Barcelona. His stamp is reflected in the most amazing works of architecture which in organic and natural forms overflow this remarkable city.

London, England

Some of the most famous buildings in the world come from London, England. The city which has preserved the original street pattern from the late Saxon period has to offer some of the most beautiful architectural gems. One of the most beautiful neighbourhoods is Mayfair, that has been in a constant change since the last couple of years.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul a city not only remarkable for its amazing geographical position and natural beauties, but also for its architecture which offers the most incredible mix of Christian and Islamic architectural tradition and Hagia Sophia is the best example of this.


Athens, Greece

The cradle of culture and civilization, Athens is certainly the place to visit while in Europe. You will be blown away by the monuments and most especially the Parthenon situated on the top of Acropolis Hill, or the sacred rock. Experience art, architecture, and history of this lovely city which is also the capital of Greece, and you will surely fall in love with Athens.

Rome, Italy

If you want to explore architectural gems in Europe, you most certainly cannot miss out on the Eternal City, the Capital of the World, and that is of course Rome. Let Rome amaze you with amazing architectural pieces which have persisted time and still show the greatness of the ancient Roman civilization.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague can be used as a sort of textbook of architectural styles throughout the centuries. Different architectural styles stand side by side, and these beautiful buildings have been restored and well taken care of throughout the centuries.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is an architectural paradise which blends the old and the modern in the most unique way. From Roman architecture, Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture, to the modern day architecture – Budapest has it all! And it is definitely worth visiting.


Vienna, Austria

From gothic buildings to elaborate baroque monuments and twentieth century innovations, Vienna offers a rich mix of architectural gems. Emperor Franz Joseph I and many Art Nouveau architects have made Vienna a true heaven for all architecture lovers across the world.

Paris, France

Paris will dazzle you with its beautiful lights and leave you enamored with its beautiful streets.Its architecturebreathes and oozes art, light and love – should I say anything more?


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A Few Things I Don’t Miss About Traveling (Hint: It’s Laundry)

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015


As you all know I’m a big travel junkie, I absolutely love to see the world, all the places and wonderful people. It brings a lot of meaning to my life, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. However I wanted to take a little bit of a different route today and talk about some of the things that I dislike about traveling, and enjoy much better when I am stationary and at “home” (wherever home is at the moment).

I get a lot of feedback from prospective travellers and they are always asking my advice. Many of them are a bit scared about going out on their journey and, honestly, want an excuse to stay home. Well, today, like it or not, I’ll give you a few excuses… However none of these are serious enough to keep you from pursuing your dream, so no luck there :)

1. Showers (or lack thereof)

The main things I absolutely hate about prolonged trips with few hotel stays is the lack of an adequate shower. You may watch adventure shows like “Ultimate Survival Alaska” and think “that looks fun”, and it may, from the comfort of your couch, with your warm house and adequate running water supply. But let me tell you, after about 2 days without a sh0ower I am running back crying to the nearest hotel.

I love to travel but sometimes I have to say know to long expeditions (hiking, camping, etc) when we aren’t going to be near running water. It’s just gross, and there is no way around it. I give all the credit to people that actually want to do stuff like that (do what makes you happy, as I always say), but that’s just not my bag, man. Can’t do it, won’t do it. Let’s move on.

2. Dirty Clothes (or: Ever been to a Latvian Laundromat? I have..)

In the same line of thinking as the lack of showers is the lack of clean clothes. It’s not that you can’t wash clothes (of course you can, if you are in a major city), but is the frequency at which you need to wash them that gives me a pain in the neck, and the difficulty of finding a laundromat or a hotel that has laundry services that won’t break the bank.

Since we have to travel light, I only ever bring maybe 3 days worth of clothes. Stretching that out to a gross breaking point, I can maybe last 5-6 days, depending on weather (both rain and sweat with hasten the need for a laundry machine). So this means, if I’m travelling for a month, I have to track down a washing machine at least 4-6 times. This is more than I would normally do at home, so it becomes a constant thorn in my side.

Another reason this is such a pain for me is because my house has such a nice, comfy laundry room (it’s got scented plugins, pastel colored painted walls, heavy duty frigidaire stackable washer dryers, all the soaps and fabric softeners you could shake a stick at). Have you ever been to a Latvian laundromat? Well, I have, and it’s nothing like my wonderful laundry paradise at home. It sucks.

3. Strange, Giant, Monster Mosquitoes

I don’t even know if they are mosquitoes, but they are strange, giant monsters. These things are absolutely the worst thing is the world. Now I know why they make you take a million shots before traveling to the South Pacific. I find myself scratching and before you know it I have a goofball sized mosquito bite and it stays with me for days (and I’m not even that sensitive!).

When you are outside, walking, hiking, or hitch hiking, this is going to happen. Again, it’s a matter of the romanticized version of traveling the harsh, cold, itchy reality.

None of these things should stop you from traveling if that’s what you want to do, but just know that sometime life is going to suck a little bit more than it would if you stayed home. These stories, however, are the ones that you will be talking about for years to come (and think about it, when’s the last time you talked about the comfy shower you took on a Tuesday?)

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What is the Importance of Home Inspection?

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015

Real-estate concept

Home inspection

If you are planning to buy a home in near future, then make sure to go for home inspection. Buying a home is always a wise investment option. It makes you feel secure and you can enjoy all the comforts you expect in your home. There is no need to pay monthly rentals or renew the lease agreement. Moreover, you can expand or renovate your home as you like. Since you are the owner of your home, you are the ‘boss’, and there will be no one to boss you around. It has become easy to purchase a home in recent days. There are several bank loan options and easy finance systems available to purchase a home. But when you purchase a home, you have to be really cautious and check some of the essential factors while going for a home inspection.

The buyers are knowledgeable nowadays. As a buyer, you have to perform standard home inspection based on the property location, home, and other conveniences. Some of the professional home inspectors write reviews and share comments in the blog pages. You can read the reviews and come to a conclusion whether it is suitable for you or not. The home inspector reviews the home on a central aspect. He would not talk from the seller’s point of view. He would clearly analyze and share his review from a buyer’s point of view. He would check on various factors like condition of the basement or foundation of the home, plumbing, electrical services, heating and cooling systems and other important structural factors of the home.

A professional inspector will calculate the cost of any replacement or repair that is required and compare the property condition with other properties belonging to the same category. When you consult and spend some hours with a home inspector, you will come to know both the pluses and minuses of the property. It is important to take a reference book when you meet with the inspector.

Due to the increased use of home inspectors and rising home prices, the entire real estate industry and the home inspection industry in particular has become more specialized than before. The property sellers and developers are constructing modern homes, according to the consumer’s taste. It helps to serve their needs and cater to people with specific requirements and market. For instance, some people call for a swimming pool inspector, a water quality inspector to check the quality of water or for a property that has a well, a termite inspector, or an electrician to evaluate the wiring of the home.

The inspection cost depends upon the services provided, and the type of inspection performed. It is necessary to ask the inspectors how much they charge and on what basis they charge their clients. The inspector should have real time experience and proper knowledge about the new homes and developing properties. Some inspectors provide advice and give suggestions to alter or rectify the issue in the new home. The real estate broker arranges the person for inspection services. The realtor will tell you about the overall problems, risks and benefits of the home. They will guide you and provide solutions for the issues.

This post was written in collaboration with Peter Wetherell, the real estate agent also known as “the Mayfair guru”.

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